Denyse Galiothe has learned that wedding and event planning isn’t just about creativity and synchronizing logistics. Her role is to exceed all of her client’s expectations and provide an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Sometimes, a person finds her calling in the least likely place.  That’s the case for Denyse Galiothe, founder of Events With Intention (EWI)—and successful former investment banker.

Denyse’s journey took her from her native Southern California to Barclays Bank, to an MBA (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), followed by 7 years at Merrill Lynch in foreign exchange hedge fund sales.

While still at Wharton, something amazing happened. A friend noticed Denyse’s facility with events, and asked her to help plan a three-day business conference for 800 guests.  As a first-time event planner, Denyse turned out to be an unexpected natural.  She loved it, too.  Her friends took note.

Working 70+ hours a week at Merrill Lynch, Denyse was often asked to plan her friends’ and family members’ weddings.  She did so, with pleasure.  Wedding and event planning became Denyse’s creative outlet, and an unforeseen luxury in her traditional career.  On nights and weekends, she channeled her substantial creativity into evoking ancient Greece (in Soho), provoking romance on a quiet Bahamian beachside, and articulating ‘Old Hollywood’ in a sleepy mid-west suburb. Each engagement made Denyse more confident about wedding planning—and less sure of her commitment to Wall Street.  She said goodbye to finance, and pursued wedding and event planning full-time.

For happy couples, Denyse brings a keen aesthetic coupled with a rigorous Wall Street skill set to the forefront.  Transformative vision.  Razor-sharp negotiation.  Unshakable focus…  and calm.  A hard-core work ethic.  Perfectionism, tempered by creativity.  And finally, a cordiality that’s as pleasant as it is steadfast.

To learn how a successful former banker can maximize the creativity, value, and efficiency of your wedding celebration, set up a consultation.

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